Is that a phaser in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
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Myka being romantic is surprisingly quiet. In a job where wonder and excitement are the day to day Myka has found the romance doesn’t need to be  all flashy especially when  Helena has already proven so many times her flare for the dramatic die for you  gestures. Helena would like to be all suave, with flowers and chocolates and big declarations of love that would put rom-coms to shame but,  she has decided for Mykas sake to instead write poetry which she reads to her when dusk has almost hit her head in helenas lap. Myka in turn lets Helena play the big dumb hero, usualy when shes made danm sure that she’ll be safe doing it.

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Stavos oh Stavos

The most important thing to know about the Stavos friendship is sometimes, mostly about not important things, Davos likes to piss Stannis off. It just amuses him to no end to see the usual stone faced king pout. It makes Davos grin like and idiot. Its also important because no one, save maybe Shireen, can get away with it. Davos’s favorite way to do this is to move things around that Stannis  just had. Stannis always knows its him but Davos being the good smuggler that he is makes t somewhat of a challenge to immediately place the tings back to were they belong. Staniss has more then once threatened to  cut the finger of davos’s other hand but davos tell him he wount be much of the hand of the king if that happens. As for family time well lets go with Show!Davos here because of the fact that his only son died. This is a fact that devastates Davos and he belives it is his fault. Stanis gave him not only him but, also another child in Shireen, who now has to parents who love her. This has healed parts of davoses soul that he didnt even know were broken and Staniss adores him even more because he sees a light in his bby girls eyes that he thought his wife had snuffed out. They go on picnics alot witch is  an amusing affare because shireen does all the talking. 

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I feel like me and subwaywolf should be friends. This of course is so we can form a frankcastles club 

my destiny is finally clear

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I have to point out that I will do anything for love (except what I find morally reprehensible).